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The Educational Institute and Preparatory Academy for Social Youth Leadership

Established and Supervised by the Nachshon Association

Reg. no. 580299089

The preparatory academy for youth social leadership is the only Israeli preparatory academy, which is open to everyone.

The preparatory academy is recognized by the Ministry of Education, by the Ministry of Defense and the IDF.

The preparatory academy has been operating for ten years now. In the preparatory academy, fundamental questions that concern Israeli youth are discussed. The youth in the academy are exposed to a variety of information and knowledge bases, acquired by personal and group experience. It is a boarding school environment where the educational and social activities take place formally during 11 hours of the day, in addition the students put in overtime with extra activities.

The goal of the preparatory academy to nurture young leaders with social awareness, motivation and the will to contribute in any way to the existence and quality of the entire Israeli society (does not have any political - party recognition).

Our students learn by experience the major areas of the academy leadership, Jewish studies, Zionism, army preparation and understanding the country and its residents. In addition, a large variety of subjects that enrich the mind and soul including: philosophy, political regime, geopolitics, current matters, media, economics, the different population groups and many more. The students experience a variety of activities for army preparation, such as physical fitness training, trips, navigations, survival, youth battalions, visiting bases, meeting soldiers and commanders, combat legacy and war history and more.

In the academy the students participate in voluntary activities, aiding different population groups that need support. In addition, the students perform active citizenship and involvement with different governmental and public bodies, in order to fix deficiencies and change standards in different areas.

This type of education and activity intends to accomplish two critical and necessary things in the Israeli society, closing the gap between social groups and bringing together the cooperation and understanding between the religious and non-religious.

The influence of these issues is intended to continue with the graduates, past the period of time spent in the school, into their army service and their civilian lives.

In our educational institute the students are full partners in the guidance and self-management. Groups of academy students take care of all the areas of living, the studied content, the trips and tours, the goals and the extent of the contributing activity, ways of life, facility maintenance and external relations of the academy. The group life, the practical contributing activity and the confronting of stress, tasks, timetables and other problems, cause the students to develop determination, self-discipline, personal ability and interpersonal relationships, self and group awareness, credibility and responsibility.

And most important to use and direct all these to act for the Israeli society. Efforts are made to bring students from all places and layers of the society and from here we depart all over to contribute our share...

And indeed, our students and our graduates keep in touch during their military service and after it. Also in each class within itself and between classes of graduates and between them and the new class.

The educational and social guidance is made by a large and varied team and is run by people who are experienced and certified in the areas of education and military. The Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Defense and the "Nachshon" association (founded for this purpose), accompany the program, the way it is carried out and the general terms for the academy's existence.

Every year we have 50 65 students. We now have 430 graduates and 50 students participating in this year's current class.

In the upcoming years we shall have more students participating, to reach our goal of having over a thousand graduates in our 20th year.

During the last year we established a graduate organization, named, "Good Society" that began to practice what our students learn in our school with activities involving individuals and groups from our graduates, all over the country. 

This year we have started a unique and innovative Zionist project, by accepting 10 boys and girls of Israeli families that live abroad, (9 from North America and 1 from Kenya), with the hope of creating a connection between this group and Israeli youth within the Israeli atmosphere.

Location - We are situated in a building historically connected to the War of Independence, named "Metzudat Yoav" (The Yoav Fortress), recognized officially by the state of Israel as a National Heritage Site. So, in itself, just being where we are and doing what we do, we are fulfilling a purpose of national and historic importance.

You must see it to believe it

"And whilst they were standing and taking advice from one another, Nachshon, son of Aminadav, took the first step and plunged into the water".